Getting Started

  • Open the application, and touch the input-box/text-editor.
  • On the pad list, choose the pad with header
  • With the help of pad, input the following:
  • Now, click on the button Apply at the top left.
  • You the editor screen will dissapear to reveal the main screen, and you should see the output below:"
  • A note with numbers:: Since the numbers are as in Python, we have::
    3/2 = 1
    3/2.0 = 1.5
    1/2.0 = 0.5
    1/2 = 0
    Please exercise caution while performing simple calculations. For detailed working with numerics, please refer to Sym-Tutorial.

Proceeding to functions

  • Touch the new input box below the current output.
  • On the pad list, choose the pad with header:
  • Click on the function integrate
  • Now, using the keypad or the soft-keyboard, input the following
    x**2 + 1/x
    If you use the keypad (which bring a pop up), then press the back button to close it.
  • Now, use the cursor navigation button to move the cursor to the position next to ","
  • Again, using the soft-keyboard or keypad, enter "x", so that the final equation looks like
  • Click on Apply button at the top left.
  • You should see an output as below

Using multiple commands in single input

  • Multiple commands can be combined in a single input. However, since large programs can be run this way and the mobile resources are limited, for a multiline input, the user should explicitly include the print statements. If no print statements are found, the application can automatically add it if required.
  • Multiple commands can be entered using the soft-keyboard's "Enter" key or, the "New Line" key in the application's kepad.
  • Let us try to plot a function now. We re-use the previous input box, and edit the equation so that it looks like
  • Now, we do not yet know how to plot it. Search for the chartx function in the pad with header "Print"
  • Press and hold the chartx button to retrieve the help. You can see that the function can be called as
    chartx(function,start,end, numpoints)
    Here, we will try to enter the function ff that we assigned before.
  • Now, change the text in the input so that it looks like
  • Click on Apply button, and the output should look like
  • Proceed to the Symbolic-Computation Tutorial

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