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About MathScript

MathScript is much more than a scientific calculator. As of now, it is the most powerful and comprehensive symbolic computing package available for mobiles. The application is under heavy development and is poised to become a full featured computer algebra system and a math toolbox. Some of the features are available only in advanced computing tools like Mathematica and Matlab.

It can be your math tutor for all levels! It is based on the fast growing symbolic computing package SymPy (

Check the help and tutorials section for detailed help of how to use it.


Some of the prominent features are listed below. More features will be made available with each download.

Current Features List

  • Simple Arithmetics
  • Simple Calculations *,/,+,-,**
  • Simplifications (like a*b*b + 2*b*a*b -> 3*a*b^2)
  • Expansions (like (a+b)^2 -> a^2 + 2*a*b + b^2)
  • Numerous functions (sin, cos, tan, atan, asin, acos, factorial, zeta, legendre)
  • Plotting/Graphing (currently supports 2D. 3D coming soon)
  • Complex numbers (like exp(I*x).expand(complex=True) -> cos(x)+I*sin(x))
  • Calculus: Differntiation/Integration
  • Limits (like limit(x*log(x), x, 0) -> 0)
  • Series expansions: taylor (laurent) series
  • Substitution (like x -> ln(x), or sin -> cos)
  • Arbitrary precision integers, rationals and floats
  • Pattern matching in equations
  • Polynomial manipulation (division, gcd, square free decomposition, * groebner bases, factorization)
  • Solvers (algebraic, difference and differential equations, and systems of equations)
  • Symbolic matrices (determinants, LU decomposition...)
  • Pauli and Dirac algebra
  • Geometry module
  • Full fledge python programming


Coming Soon!!!!

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