Where do I get started?
Go to Menu::"Learn n Solve"::Tutorials and start exploring the files sequentially to understand how to use the software.
How is it better than a scientific calculator?
The features and functions available in MathScript are easily many folds greater than the scientific calculator. Add Python programming along with it, and you get a complete Math solution.
What can it do?
The better question is, what can't it do! The application can perform anything a Python program can do. Additionally, it is enhanced with the symbolic computation library SymPy so that it can perform symbolic computations on the flow.
I am not seeing any output?
Two possible reasons.
  • No print/eqprint statement included in the command
  • The output results are hidden.

Why does it take a while for output to show?
If the output is rendered in math form, it would take a few seconds for the renderer to display the equations correctly. For instant display, you can use "print" function instead of "eqprint" functions. You can also force the print option in Menu::Preferences.
It is difficult to understand
This application is poised to become a fully featured computer algebra system. The user interfaces are designed with that in focus. Basic quick numeric calculations can also be done. However, it differs from the ordinary calculator in its the methods of operations. We are working hard to bridge the gap between an ordinary scientific calculator and a computer algebra system.
How long will it take to learn?
It depends on your exposure and frequency of usage. If you are used to CAS like Mathematica and/or know Python programming, you can get a grasp of nearlt all the functionality within a day. For a student with no exposure to CAS, it would take two days to a week to get used to the system.
I am bored!!
Not to worry! There are huge puzzle collections in the web and a few in-built puzzles to keep you occupied for many days! For a quick list, choose "Menu::Learn n Solve". There are Mathematical puzzles as well as Programming puzzles.
Is there an alternate way of trying out the engine in web?
Yes. You can try out the SymPy engine at http://live.sympy.org/. However, the functionalities are limited
I have no clue how to use a function
You can get a context sensitive help by pressing and holding a button. A help dialog will pop up with its syntax and usage. If there is an example given in the help, an "Extract" button will appear. Click on the extract button and copy the example code (long press on the edit box and then select "Copy All" from the menu). Now close the edit box and paste the code into the input area (long press on the input area and then select "Paste")
How can I send feedbacks?
You can go to "Help" menu and click on the "FeedBack" button to drop us an email. We strongly encourage you to provide us valuable feedbacks. We strictly maintain privacy of your information. For positive feedbacks, please leave a good review in the Android market.
The features are not enough
We are constantly working towards improving the features and roll out the updates atleast once in two weeks. The features are already there in the computation engine. We just need to make it visible by writing appropriate interfaces. If you want to learn more, please search for "SymPy" and "Python" in the web.
What should I do if I cancel the installation of the additional packages?
You can click on "Download and Extract" button in package manager. The package manager can also be opened from preferences dialog. If you encounter any problem downloading the library or do not have an internet connection, you can download and extract the libraries by using the link provided in the application. Then click on "Locate Package Directory" button to locate the package. We have not yet heard from any one who can not install the application.

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